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Destiny Churches & Ministries International Apostolic Network

Jeremiah 29:11 April 27, 2012


    The Bridge to Destiny Ministries


Nancy and I are very excited about the direction that the Lord is moving us in and we know that we are in God's perfect will. There is such a peace with us as we travel across this nation ministering in the gifts and callings the Lord has so blessed us with.

Here is a little update on what has been happening the past five months.

  1. 20,000 miles in the car
  2. Ministered in 18 churches
  3. 59 meetings conducted
  4. 161 received Jesus as Lord and Savior
  5. 33 baptized in the Holy Spirit
  6. Worked with two church plants
  7. Many creative miracles and healings. Example: Tumors & hernias disappearing right before our eyes. People with fibromyalgia, arthritis, severe pain in back, knees, legs, arms and hands healed instantly. Two people scheduled for surgery healed instantly. A man blind in his left eye for tens years healed instantly. Several paralyzed in different parts of their body healed instantly. A lady had lost feeling to three of her toes in a car accident 15 years ago healed instantly and feeling totally restored. Several breast tumors gone instantly. Three ladies that could not have children, one has delivered (I prayed about a year ago and spoke a word that within a year she would give birth and now she has a healthy baby), the second one is now pregnant and the third lady, a pastors wife was prayed for in Nov. and now she is several months pregnant. Nancy and I stand amazed at what the Lord is doing. This is just a fraction of what the Lord has been doing in these churches and with these pastors.
  8. 1 wedding 
  9. 17 Ordinations

We are so thankful for all your prayers and financial support.

We have 16 Churches, and  2 Ministries totaling 54 meetings confirmed already for these next 7 months. Two of these churches are in Canada.

We are having conversations about going into: Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Brazil, and India.   

Needless to say, we have been very busy and are expecting to be even busier. We believe we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of what the Lord is planning for us.  

As you know this is new for us and it is going to take a few years to really get this down so we can see constant cash flow. We have made a commitment that we would go where ever the Lord leads no matter what size the church. At times things get tight and during those tight times that's when our partners come through. We are so thankful you have caught and bought into this vision. As you partner with us you are investing in these souls being saved, filled, healed and set free. Also, your prayers are felt and so important.

Nancy and I are committed to you our partners and we want to let you know that if you have any needs that we can pray with you about or help you with we will do our best to make ourselves available.  

If you are interested in joining us in any of our upcoming meetings we are more then happy to work with you to see that happen.

We are also committed to keeping you informed by:

Website; Our schedule is there and testimonies by just clicking on the testimony tab.

Facebook: . We do weekly updates on Facebook.

Monthly Newsletter sent to your email. 


 Phone - 402-440-9348



As you realize it takes finances to do what God is asking us to do. I believe The Bridge is good ground to sow into and many of you are sowing monthly and we want to thank you for being so faithful in your financial support. I ask that others consider sowing on a monthly basis as to help The Bridge fulfill the assignment God has placed before it. The favor of God is on this ministry and He is bringing many along side to be Prayer Warriors and Seed Sowers. We have made it easy for you to give. Just go to  and there will be a place to give by pay pal or credit card. Also, you can send a check to The Bridge, 511 N.57th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68505

Thank you again for all you do.

Investing In Your Destiny

Dr. John G.L. & Nancy Burpee