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Benefits & Purpose

This network exists to build relationships, bring people, ministries and churches together for the common good of promoting the Kingdom of God through the Five-Fold-Ministry. It is not our desire to govern or control your vision or ministry. 


Our purpose is:

  1. To be a networked family of churches, ministries, ministers and partners where relationship, support, accountability and resourcing occur.
  2. To be a family of congregations, ministries, ministers and partners voluntarily united together for the purpose of fulfilling the apostolic mandate upon us. This requires equipping, cooperation and passion!
  3. To recognize the need for full restoration of all the Ephesians 4:11- 16 ascension gifts; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.
  4. To connect you with resources and people to enable you to fulfill your destiny.
  5. To be a spiritual father and covering for you, your ministry and church.   
  6. To provide an intercessory prayer covering.
  7. To provide conferences and special meetings to stir up the gift and bring revelation and impartation.
  8. To promote your ministry or church to others inside and outside the network.
  9. To provide or suggest materials for training in Five-Fold-Ministry and other areas giftings and assignments.
  10. To provide you with counsel and conflict resolution when and if needed.
  11. To validate and celebrate the assignment and destiny God has called you to.